Posted on 14 March 2017

Nobody said this would be easy. Nobody made any promises or owes anything to you. So often, things/problems/issues pop up in life that weigh us down. Tough decisions must be made. Choices that might not seem right must be made. Situations at work or with family and friends happen that cause doubt, anxiety, jealousy, anger. Sometimes life has a way of forcing you to think negatively about these types of things. You're not getting enough help. You're not getting enough love. You're not getting what you deserve. 

But that's just plain wrong. The best way to fight that is to take things in to your own hands. Nobody does owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to improve your situation. Or at least, the portion that you can control. A friend of mine has a saying that I like to use when I'm in these situations: "Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you." Or in other words, "Control the situation, don't let the situation control you."

Don't let circumstances get the better of you. You always have a choice. You might not always know what's best in the moment, but you have a choice. It might not be the right choice, but have faith in God and your gut that you're doing the right thing. Do what you need to do to make the situation better. Focus on the important things in your life; your family, your love, your passion, your career and take action! The only way to know if things are better is if you take action.

At Courage To Be Kind, we strive to be better. We don't always succeed, but we try to do what's right. Because after all, with a name like Courage To Be Kind, what type of example would we be setting if we didn't? LOL Making things better starts with each and every one of us. Kindness is the simplest gesture to improve the situation of you or a stranger. Courage is doing what is right, not what is comfortable. Improve your situation and you might be able to improve someone else's also. 

Trust the process. 

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