Jordy and Nixon will be at #HNLNightMarket!

Posted on 12 June 2017

Howzit fams!

Hope the summer has been treating everyone well. Sun's out, fun's out! The weather is getting warmer, the kids are out of school, and its time to seriously enjoy life! I remember when I was a kid, summer marked the time to be free and enjoy. Tyna and I are always trying to look at the bright side of things, no matter what the circumstances may be. We try to enjoy the big things and the little things in life and although sometimes it's difficult, I think we do a pretty good job at it. Case in point, we're actually going to be moving to Portland, OR in a couple of months! This decision wasn't easy; it was filled with long nights talking about what was best for our future and our family, stressing about income, what we would do when we moved, where we would live, our dogs, our clothes, our friends, and our lives. It comes with anxiety of if we're making the right choice and sadness of leaving behind friends, family, and home. But although there are a lot of reasons we could say "no", we're moving because of the excitement and possibilities that await us! A better life for our kids. Better food options. Road trips. Different scenery. New adventures. Snow! And many more things that could be great! Are we making the right decision? Who knows. But we're lucky that we've received the support of friends and family along the way both here and in Portland. Come visit us if you're ever in the area. And don't worry, even though Courage To Be Kind will be moving, we'll never forget our ohana back home in Hawaii!

With that said, it's a little ironic that this month's Night Market has the title of "Home". It's happening this Saturday, June 17th from 5pm-10pm in Kaka'ako and will be honoring the Polynesian Voyaging Society. As with all of these events, we would love to see our supporters, catch up on how the young ones are doing and help you with whatever you need. We love seeing familiar faces, and meeting new ones, so please don't be a stranger. 

This Night Market also features something special! We will be selling our very first logo tees. Created exclusively by our graphic design Wizard and super awesome friend, Kory Kawaguchi. He is so essential in all of our marketing and we could never do this without him. It will be a very, very, veeeeerrrrry limited run, with only 34 pieces. 17 pieces will have our original logo with Jordy and Nixon, and the other 17 pieces will feature our Star Wars logo that got so much attention from everyone! Once they're gone, they'll be gone. So if you're interested, please come down early and grab one. We'll have both toddler and adult sizes available.

Also at the event, we'll be featuring our other popular lines: new stuff from HuxBaby, Blu & Blue New York, eve.jnr, and others, so stop by for some new digs. And as always, keep sending us your photos and you may see your beautiful little one on our instagram page!

Thanks for everything fams, and see you on Saturday!

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