It's the little things...

Posted on 07 August 2016

So after our early morning photoshoot today, we were rushing home to make our 11AM conference call (because I mean, when are we not in a hurry and trying not to be late?  Lol, the story of our lives..) and decided to pick up a quick lunch at Zippy's before our conference call. We figured, we're starving, we can't think of anything else that's quick, on the way, and we're creatures of habit. I ventured out of my usual (and yummy) chili and rice order and decided to try the garlic miso chicken and hubby ordered the chili and rice. Right before our number was called, an odor so pungent caused me to take eyes off of the email I was so intently reading and made me look up. Standing next to us was a homeless man and he was counting change to buy a meal. Our number was called just seconds later so we grabbed our food and scurried out the door. Not even two seconds after walking out, we stopped, looked at each other in disappointment, and said "we really should buy him a meal"! I dropped off our food in the car and Darren walked back inside in hopes that he would catch him in time to pay for his meal. Turns out, he only wanted to order a cup of coffee. Darren offered to pick up a meal with his coffee but he said he really just wanted a coffee so that's all we were able to treat him with. The gentleman seemed surprised, but thought for a second and said a sincere "thank you". We don't know how he got in to being in the current living condition that he is in and there's also no reason to speculate. All we need to know is that he also is a human being, just like us, and he deserves to be loved and to have a warm meal in his stomach. We don't know if we'll ever cross paths with him again, but the only thing we can hope for is that he knows there are still people that care for him, even strangers. We also don't know the impact of our actions but that shouldn't stop us from always doing the right thing and caring for others. We don't share this story to earn bragging rights, rather to acknowledge that we are guilty of taking what we have for granted and taking the people that we have in our lives for granted. We get busy, we get sidetracked, we get irritated with each other, but at the end of the day, all material things set aside, personal interaction and relationships are all that we're left with. So what can we do to make just one person smile today? : )

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