Easter Feels!

Posted on 11 April 2017

Hi C2BK Fams,

Is it already Easter? It feels like just yesterday, it was just the start of 2017! Where does the time go? We're furiously plugging away here with Jordy and Nixon as our cheerleaders, trying to make the most of 2017! Business has been steady, but our lives have been filled with excitement and adventure!

We started Courage To Be Kind with a simple mission, create an online store that would represent something bigger. We didn't want to just sell kids clothing, we wanted to mean something. We never sacrifice quality for profits. If you've gotten a package from us, you know that it's more than just the clothes. It's the experience. Our packaging is unique (we think!), we include hand-written messages that are truly personalized. We appreciate each and every person that purchases something from us, and we hope that you appreciate us too! We want to be a place that you can trust, and a place that you feel good about buying from because we give back. Kindness is the ultimate goal. We give back to our community through donations and our attitudes in life. 

This attitude has permeated throughout all parts of our lives and we really think twice about what we want to say and what we do say (sometimes they're opposites, and sometimes it's really hard! lol). We're not perfect, but we try to live by our message. Empowering a generation of kindness starts with us. 

As the C2BK family grows, we hope that our message spreads to everyone that sees our postcards, wears our products, or puts a sticker on their lunch box. Sharing truly is caring, and no bullies are allowed around here! 

We've been taking more time in our lives to enjoy the little things. We've been working (a little) less and trying to build memories. With every adventure that we go on, we try to be kind in different ways, teaching our young ones, helping someone in need, remembering not to sweat the small stuff, or not over-reacting to a situation that doesn't matter. I'll tell you, being kind is tough, but SUPER rewarding! We love the new direction that our lives our heading, and hopefully we can help you or your child take a different perspective.

If you want to meet us and say hi, or catch up with us because you haven't seen us in a while, come by the Eat the Street event in Kaka'ako this Friday, April 14th! We'll have our goodies set up for our Easter sales event this weekend. If you miss us on Friday, we'll be back at it again on the last Friday of the month, April 28th!

We love you all, and hope to see you soon!

Jordy, Nixon and the rest of the C2BK family!


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