A funny thing happened on the way to Courage To Be Kind...

Posted on 16 September 2016

Hi everyone, we hope you are all doing well out there! We here at Courage To Be Kind have been working tirelessly to bring you our next round of great kids clothes for both immediate release and for Spring/Summer 2017 and beyond. Starting this website has been such an amazing learning experience and something that we will never forget. Along our journey, we have truly come to understand what it means to ask for help, be reliant on others, and also to be responsible for something greater than ourselves. It has been a very humbling experience to say the least. We've learned so much about our friends and family; about how talented, and dedicated, and hard-working all of them are. We appreciate everyone's support in helping us get off the ground and can't thank you enough for the time and sweat that you've given up to help us out. We've made connections half way around the globe, with people (and businesses) that we never knew existed. They don't know us, but again, they've helped our business grow, and given their thoughts, expertise, and advice to help us become successful. We've also met customers from over 5000 miles away that have such high praise for our store (which is a big boost for us some days when we're wondering if we made the right decision to start this or not). All of these connections across the globe and internet are truly amazing when you stop to think about it.

And what it's made us realize is this: we are building bonds. All of us. All the time. Whether they are local, national, or international, we are creating connections. Whether virtual, over the phone, or by hand-written letter, we are building a network of people that rely on each other and help one another. These bonds are the exact thing we were thinking about when we decided to open this store! The bonds of kindness and friendship are so important to our society and the future of our society. We need to treat each other with respect. We need to treat each other with dignity. We need to love each other. It is the only way that the world will get better. Stop segregating ourselves by race, color, creed, or nationality. Start focusing on what bonds we share and how we can help each other, rather than the opposite. 

It's been really neat to see this little seedling of an idea start to take shape. Hopefully you are on this journey with us for a long time and can see us grow from a seed to a full grown flower of kindness! Thank you everyone for your support, and please don't hesitate to share your feedback or thoughts on our site, our products, or anything else! We'd love just to hear how your day is going.

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